Friday, November 26, 2010

"My journy begins...@ SST"

As this was the first time I made a blog I had alot of difficulties.I think blogging will allow me to share my feelings and also see how other people feel about me.I personally feel that blogging is a good way of learning and interacting with my other classmates.


  1. Hi Sean, Darius here. I'm one of your seniors next year. Tell me, do I know you? 'Coz I know of a Sean Loh but I'm not sure if you are the guy I know...

  2. yo Darius. What's up. And Hi Sean, just passing by :) one of your senior next year too :)
    Nice blog for a first-timer! You'll learn more about these blogging tools as you make your way through next year. Good Luck & Have Fun!

  3. Hi Sean :D. Are you the one from SAPS? I think talked to you before but I bet you think I'm some crazy person haha. Anyway welcome and enjoy your years in SST!